After School Activities

For those interested in the Evening –After School Sports Suryadatta offers extensive Athletic facilities and Sports like Soccer ,Badminton,Basketball ,Rollerskating ,Taekwondo etc .Detailed information regarding registration ,fees etc is available with the Evening After school Activities Coordinator.

The School focuses not only on the advanced academic offerings but also on the extra curricular activities. Students are trained at a very young age towards incorporating a sense of responsibility, loyalty, team spirit and healthy competition so as to develop positive attitude in them. They are encouraged to participate in cocurricular as well as extra-curricular activities. Inter-House and inter-school competitions are held regularly for molding their over personalities. Music, Art, Dance, almost all the indoor and outdoor Sports, Yoga, Abacus and Vedic etc. will begin in the first academic year. The school assures to bring about national scholars who would excel in competitive examinations and still be rooted to Indian values and culture.