Our rigorous, comprehensive, hands-on, real – life preparatory curriculum supports individual interests and personal learning styles, preparing students for life beyond the School .

The strength of our academic program exists not only in the quality of our curriculum and the ability of its teachers, but also in the attitude, the ethos that fills each class period, each singular exchange between faculty and students.

Classes are places where teacher and student respect each other, where there is free exchange of ideas and opinions. students are encouraged to be curious, involved, and active learners. The ability to read effectively, write clearly, and think independently are greatly focused upon.

The arts at SNS gives students the best of both worlds. On the one hand, they have a chance to engage in collaborative, interactive endeavors in a community of friends; and on the other, they have the opportunity to dig deeply, advance their own artistic development, and express themselves as unique individuals.

Through classes, co-curricular programming, special events, and student interest groups, the students find a variety of ways to get involved with artistic enterprises in Dance , music, and the visual arts.