Admission Guidelines

Enrolling At SNS

As one of the city’s leading co-educational Schools, our enrolment procedures are streamlined and comprehensive, providing for easy exchange of information. Our application procedure is clear and transparent , to enable you to plan as effectively as possible.

You can commence the enrolment process by following the procedures outlined below.

How To Enrol

If you are applying from outside Pune you may apply online to receive the prospectus which contains a Student Application Form or call our Admissions Office. The Application Form will be posted once the inquiry has been received and the Prospectus Fee of Rs.300 has been paid. Complete the Student Application Form and return it to the School, together with the application fee and associated documents (as described on the Application form).

A vital step in the process is a visit to Suryabhavan in order to meet with the Admissions Counsellors and the Principal . This is an opportunity for families to see the school for themselves and to get a first-hand "feel" of the place and its people. Please contact the Admission Department to arrange this .

It is important that prospective parents and students do take the time to visit the campus. After an initial interview, when all other considerations are taken into account and if a place is available you may enroll your child by paying the non-refundable registration and Admissions fee and completing various forms that need to be returned to the School.

There are special enrolment procedures for International Students.

In addition to the completed Application Form each pupil may be required to sit a Scholastic Assessment in order for us to understand how the child’s learning journey has been so far .

We also require the following documents.

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Last Report Card
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Two Passport Size Photograph of Student
  • Two Passport Size Photograph of Parents (Separate)

Below you will find an overview of the five stages that an application toSuryadatta National School follows on its journey from pre-enquiry through to enrolment.

  • Stage 1 : Enquiry
  • Stage 2 : Document Submission
  • Stage 3 : Review Process
  • Stage 4 : School Decision
  • Stage 5 : Fee Payment

Submission of form with supporting documents: School records for two years, copies of parent’s passport and any other information that you think is important for the school to have.
Admission form is reviewed, entrance test conducted wherever necessary.
Admission will be considered confirmed on receipt of Admission Fee (non refundable) , 1st installment (non refundable) .
Admission to be confirmed within 6 working days. The school has the authority to grant the seat to someone else in case of non communication and non receipt of fee and documents within the stipulated time.
Seat to be reserved or confirmed on payment of fees.
All admission to School are on first come first serve basis and seat will be offered based on the availability in each class.

List of Documents to be submitted at the time of admission

A) In case of students who are Indian Citizens :

  • Create multi-faceted professionals in emerging disciplines, attuned to a rapidly evolving, volatile, global economy.
  • Fitness Certificate
  • Photos of the student – 4 nos
  • Photos of parents and Guardian - 1 each
  • School leaving certificate (original)
  • Birth Certificate (photocopy)
  • Report card of current Academic Year

B) In case of overseas students :

  • Passport of the student and parents. (photocopy). Original to be brought for verification.
  • Valid visa documents of the student and parents. (photocopy)
  • Introduction letter from the Company (original), if applicable.
  • Photos of the student – 4 nos
  • Health Card (photocopy)
  • Current school Transcripts (original)
  • Letter of recommendation from the Principal / facilitator of the current school (original).

Parents and Students of Indian Origin need to submit copy of their OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) or PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) card (photocopy).

Documents in languages other than English need to be counter-signed by the competent authority of the Education Ministry or by the competent authority of the Indian Diplomatic Mission in that country.


Request for Information

We are happy to provide prospective parents and students with information about Suryadatta ,its Philosophy and Academic Curriculum . We encourage all interested parents to visit our campus and meet our Director Marketing for further understanding. We also have a school prospectus that gives a bird’s eye view to the Academic program and the facilities . Extra copies are available from the admissions office on the payment of Rs.300/-.

An appointment with the school admissions office is necessary for security reasons.