Extra Support

Extra Support periods are dedicated times during the weekday schedule when teachers are available in their designated classroom so that students can get help on homework, follow up on classroom material, or get assistance in preparing for a test, quiz, or written assignment. There are three extra help periods during the week including 35-minute periods on Monday, Thursday, and Friday


Foreign Language :French

The course begins in class 1 when students are taught how to construct simple sentences and to ask and respond to simple questions.

This ability is further developed in subsequent grades where half the year is spent learning grammatical skills and increasing vocabulary, and the other half in communicating orally. A lot of role play is done, thus giving the students enough confidence to communicate in such situations as purchasing goods, asking for direction etc. They also complete a project on France which enables then to understand more fully the people and culture of the country.

The approach taken is that French is not seen as the preserve of a culturally sophisticated elite, but rather that it is a fundamental component of what a person living in modern-day India needs to successfully travel and/or conduct business.

A foreign language is also seen as an important way of developing students cognitive skills and cultural understandings.


Learning Support

SNS has supplementary learning support services which is offered to students identified as needing extra help in order to succeed academically at the school.

These services are designed to benefit students who are of average academic ability overall, but who have mild weaknesses in one or two specific core skills (typically reading, writing or mathematics).

The services fall into two levels:

Basic level support Occasional, in-class support by learning specialist, in collaboration with class teacher
Advanced support level 1
incurs additional fee, please see Fee Schedule
Regular, out-of class support with learning specialist in small groups, up to 2 hours per week