Field Trips

SURYADATTA NATIONAL SCHOOL students visited Gram Sanskruti Udyan -Village Park, situated in Someshwarwadi as a part of their academic curriculum educational trip.

Suryadatta National School students visited Gram Sanskruti Udyan situated in Someshwarwadi as a part of their academic curriculum educational trip.  The students were very excited to see the Gram Sanskruti  Udyan, Known as Pune’s first mock village which gave them an up close and personal look into the village life through a display of more than 700 statues, water filled wells, animals and farms.  The Udyan beautifully displayed the village market, farming, festival celebrations, vendors selling their products, open air schools, tradesman/craftsman selling their products etc.  Students watched each and every glimpse of village life with happiness and excitement and asked various questions to their teachers seeing the rustic charm of village life.  The teachers clarified the doubts of students and answered in detail to all their queries.

Students were also introduced to the concepts of farming and various other rural occupations, barter system and gram panchayat. They were overwhelmed with the artistic work, excellent sculpture, colorful shades, greenery, peace and serenity inside the village park. The visit created awareness among students about village life, mythology, wildlife etc. which inspired them to enhance their knowledge and comprehension.

Students relished and enjoyed their breakfast under the green shady trees after their visit to Village Park and after that they visited Someshwar temple an ancient temple of Lord Shiva build almost 300 years ago.  Students offered their prayers at the temple.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the Village Park and were eager to come back once again to see the Village Park in the evening with all lightning around the Park.

Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder President & Chairman of Suryadatta Education Foundation said that, we at Suryadatta National School are always on the lookout for new opportunities which is beneficial for our students and ensure that we leave no step behind for the enhancement, development and up gradation of knowledge of our students.  Students are always encouraged by all our teachers and staff members to take active participation not only in such educational field trips but also in all competitive exams, sports, co-curricular activities and various other inter school competitions.

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Trip to Pencil Factory

Suryadatta National School had organized an industrial visit to a pencil factory in Chinchwad. We started at 11:30 am & reached there by 12:45 pm.       The name of the Pencil Factory is Galaxy Pencil Factory, the brand produced was KKLEEO. This factory has been working since 2005 and has completed 11 years.

When we reached the factory we were split into 2 groups. First we had been to the section where crayons were made and packed. There we got to know that crayons are made up of wax, mould, raw materials and colored atom. They told us that in a day 2,000 cartons are made.

Next we went to the area where sharpeners were fitted with their blades, it was made of plastic, blade, screws, raw materials there were different areas for black fitting, making of sharpener & packing of sharpener. In 12 hrs 23,000 sharpeners are made.

Then we had been to the eraser section where the raw materials, oil, talcum powder were kept in a machine where the temperature was 24,000 degree C. Then it is processed in a machine following it was sent out in 2 lines kept in cold water to cool and further was cut into pieces. Finally the easers were packed by a machine. 4,00,000 erasers are made in a day.

Pencils were made in a different section, were we got to know that, they use graphite, 10 plastics, talcum powder, CS powder, sal (type of plastics) instead of wood they use polymer. In one day 3,00,000 pencils are made. Then the body, lead & body colour is combined and rent through a machine in line big pieces then they are polished, shaped and dipped for every process different sections.

At last the packing, this is done by handicap people, putting into boxes was done by blind people and they had hands on experience in this field.

From this trip we did learn the making of pencils, erasers and shapers. It also taught us that where there is a will there is a way. 

Pencil Industry Visit1  Pencil Industry Visit2      Pencil Industry Visit3  Pencil Industry Visit4

A Trip to Monginis Factory

Students of Suryadatta National School had been taken to Monginis cake factory.The factory has been working for the past 20 years. They have only one factory and it has 90 outlets in Pune. In one day they produce 10,000 cakes. For decorating 1 cake it takes 2-3 minutes. They deliver 2 rounds in a day.

First children saw how cakes are coated with cream then how the icing was done beautifully. They showed chocolate cake, pineapple cake & black forest cake. Then children wore headgear and went inside the factory where they saw the baked cakes, how they were iced, coated, decorated and packed. There were many people doing different work like coating, icing, decorating & packing. There were different section for different cakes like chocolate, pineapple, black forest and blue berry cakes. The temperature at the cold storage was -8C. The cream was prepared in -4C temperature. It is prepared with vegetable oil, thick milk and it is whipped in a machine. For colouring they use vegetable oils. Every thing was edible.

It was wonderful experience for teachers and students.

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Field Trip to National Defence Academy, Pune







Visit to Police Station - Hinjewadi

Police stationVenue: Hinjewadi Police Station, Pune.
No. of students: 15 students from class I to VII
No. of Teachers: 5
Time: 10am to 2pm

The Purpose of Going was:
Understanding the physical structure of a Police station.
1. Nature of Duties performed by Police Officials in a Police Station.
2. To see how FIR is lodged.
3. To see and observe the role of Police in Society.
4. Terms to be focused on :
• Patrolling
• Surveillance
• History sheeter
• Collection of Intelligence
• Wireless
First they met the Sr. Inspector Mr. Bosak who nicely answered the questions asked to him. Then the students were taken to visit the Lock Up by Mr. Shinde. He told that culprits are kept on temporary bases in the lock up and then they are shifted to higher police station’s lockup. Students saw the FIR Report file on the reception. They were told about the hierarchal level in police field. They saw Police Officer’s Room where they saw different records of FIR’s. They also saw passport verification Department where people come and get their passports verified. They saw a police detection department where fingerprints and other proofs are detected. Students saw different types of pistols and guns. Students visited gym also where these people do their daily exercise to remain fit and fine.


Field Trip Shopping Complex (MORE Supermarket) And Hotel Management

Date: 8th Nov 2014

Students of Pre Primary along with 5 teachers and 2 helping staff members went at 10 am to More Shopping Complex. They learnt about different fruits and vegetables.

Students of class IV to VII learnt about Hotel Management. They learnt about three types of Kitchens, Different types of utensils, Boilers, Ovens, Restaurant Rules and Regulations and Guest Room Facilities

Students asked about different types of questions like

  • What is the future scope in Hotel Management?
  • How can we make our breakfast healthy?
  • Is Ajeenomotto good for our health?
  • What security measures should be kept in mind while working in a kitchen?

Field Trip to Protecterra NDA

Date: 6th Nov 2014

Students started for the field Trip at 9:30 am.

Activities that were conducted at the site:

  1. Nature Trail: Students were divided into two groups.
  2. One group was headed by Mrs. Pooja Bhalerao and one group was headed by Mr. Sushil .
  3. They have seen different varieties of plants which includes host plant for butterfly, Cycas, Khair etc.
  4. They saw different huts and ponds for rain water harvesting.
  5. Importance of reusing the things such as
    • Reuse of tyres
    • Reuse of tetra packs
    • Reuse of glass bottles
    • Reuse of old furniture
  6. Educational games and Activities: Word Hunt on collection of Natural Resources.
  7. Five minutes Meditation.

Students reached the campus at 12: 10 pm.

Sadhu Vaswani Museum, Pune

sadhu waswaniVenue: Sadhu Vaswani Museum, Pune.

No. of students: 14

No. of Teachers: 2(Mr. Vijay Saini and Ms. Aradhna Rana)

Time: 10am to 2pm

A field trip was conducted on 16th Sept. 2014. Students learnt about the life of Sadhu Vaswani through 3D pictures of different stages of his life. They learnt that How can they lead a simple life by being vegetarian, truthful, hardworking and honest. Students learnt about Noori Granth.They saw Geeta Mandir where prayers are taken, Satsang hall and castle also. Students took lots of interests in the life history of Vaaswani jee .