Suryadatta National School


  •  A multi-purpose hall is in the middle of the building and is used for our daily worship and assembly, PE, games, music and for school meals.
  •  There are also areas for teaching children who require additional learning support and quieter areas for children’s reading.
  •  Multi Media Centre
  •  A Maths resource area.
  •  Art facility
  •  Cafeteria
  •  Gymnasium
  •  Health Services
  •  Lobby
  •  Music Education
  •  Science Facility
  •  Fitness Centre to impart physical training in yoga, gymnastics and meditation.
  •  Foreign language
  •  Gently welcoming, spacious & modern classrooms. Interactive (Smart) class rooms connected to internet to make learning a live, visual and vibrant experience.
  •  Modern, hygienic, neat & clean, child-friendly wash rooms.
  •  Fantastic location in a large modern building
  •  Extended Day Activity facility is available.
  •  Different club activities and educational field trips to widen student's knowledge.


Class libraries upto primary level

  • Special rooms such as Computer Lab, Maths Lab, Social Studies Lab, Resources Library for reference work, Gymnasium & Yoga
  • Exclusive sheltered play zone
  • Outdoor Sports facilities for basketball, skating and football
  • Indoor games room.
  • Infirmary cum First Aid Room / sick bay.
  • Library cum Resource Room, Audio-visual Room.
  • Seminar and Conference Hall.