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The major concern of the  21st century parents is to choose  an education board and school for their ward that fulfils the aspirations. It is therefore vital to research and plan for the same  in the  early years of the  child’s learning journey .

One of the  prestigious board in India is the CBSE board with its   broad based curriculum. With the National Education Policy , NEP . Apart from this, the CBSE schools are student-centric and feature an interactive curriculum. Suryadatta National School is one of the top CBSE schools in Pune that has been rated as the Best upcoming CBSE school in Pune . Considered to be one of the top centres of educational excellence, the  school amalgamates  state-of-art infrastructure,  latest technology with International Paedagogical practices leading to  the  holistic development of the students. The 150 plus activities that the school conducts are fun ways in which students are engaged in the learning process without  realising it .

Which are some of the Best CBSE Schools in Pune?

Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra and is considered to be the Oxford of the East. It houses the top schools  known for their academic excellence. Let’s check out the top 10 best schools in Pune.

  1. Suryadatta National School, Bavdhan
  2. Vidyashilp Public School, Kondhwa
  3. Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Gokhalenagar
  4. B K Birla Centre For Education, Taluka Maval
  5. Air Force School, Chandan Nagar
  6. Pune International School, Tingre Nagar
  7. The Orchid School, Baner
  8. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ganeshkhind
  9. Delhi Public School, Mohammed Wadi
  10. D.A.V. Public School, Aundh

First Among Equals: Suryadatta National School !

Suryadatta National School is a progressive CBSE school .It achieves the holistic development of students, through advanced academics and learner centric activities that connect the learners to the real world .Innovative ways of teaching  ensures enthusiastic student engagement .Every activity that is conducted in the school is targeted towards getting the brain and body to work together .

The faculty members aim to mould the students into disciplined, healthy, bold, and competent individuals who will work to better the nation. The school believes that every child has the power to reach his highest potential .Teachers encourage the students  to set personal goals and participate in cooperative rule setting that develops their confidence and decision making skills .

U.S.P.s of Suryadatta National School

  1. School Infrastructure

Suryadatta National School has State of the Art infrastructure with well- equipped Modern Classrooms, Tutorial Rooms, Computer Labs, Science Labs, Seminar Halls, Music Room, Art Studio, Conference Halls, And Other Facilities Like Gyms, Cafeteria, Yoga And Meditation Halls, Student Activity Rooms, and lots more.

  1. Reading Room

The reading room of the Suryadatta National School is spacious and has proper desks and benches for the students to read their favorite books comfortably. The room has a quiet backdrop and is fully ventilated, which helps the students concentrate on their books.

  1. Library

The best part of the Suryadatta National School library is that it has a voluminous stock of books available for all age groups. The library also has a study room that facilitates an atmosphere for peaceful studying and reading. The students also have the facility to borrow books and C.D.s for home assignments. The library is available to all the students six days a week.

  1. Laboratories

Suryadatta National School has Science Lab, Humanities Lab, Maths Lab, Language Lab, and Computer Labs. All the labs are equipped with the best resources for Elementary, Middle, and Higher Secondary students for experimentation and research. With modern laboratories, Suryadatta aims to train the students to think, analyze, reason, and articulate logical thinking.


  1. Medical Care

The healthcare center of Suryadatta National School is staffed with qualified and experienced doctors. A health book is maintained for all the students and their immunization and vaccination records. The healthcare center also provides the first-level treatment for common injuries or illnesses. Other than that, it also has the facilities for proper medications and other referral services. Overall, the school ensures sound medical assistance and immediate care for both the students and teachers, especially in case of emergencies.

  1. Cafetaria

For the comfort of the students who cannot get their lunch boxes, the school has provided the facility of a cafeteria that offers a wide range of vegetarian food. The school is very critical about maintaining hygiene and ensuring that the cafeteria is clean. The snacks served to the students are nutritious, balanced, and promote health awareness.

Admission Process at S.N.S

Being one of the leading co-educational schools in the city, Suryadatta National School has a streamlined and comprehensive enrollment process. The application process is transparent and clear, enabling you to plan quickly and effectively.

Process of the online admission

  • Fill up the admission or online inquiry form.
  • The parent can also call the mobile number mentioned on the website for more information.
  • An Admission Counsellor will give all the information to the parent about the school and the fee structure for the required standard.
  • After that, the parent needs to fill up the online admission form and pay the fee online.

Admission Process For Primary Grades

The pre-primary section include Playgroups to Senior K.G. classes for 2 to 6 years. Other than that, for the primary section from Standard 1st to 4th, the age group is 6 to 11 years. Admission forms are available online for both primary and pre-primary classes.

Admission Process For Secondary Grades

The admission for the secondary grades from Standard 5th to 10th is based on a first-come, first-serve basis as there are a limited number of seats available. Overall the admission process remains the same for both primary and secondary sections.

Innovative Pedagogy 

The teaching Learning Methodology that is employed at SNS seeks to make education experiential ,holistic learner centred ,inquiry driven and discussion based .This helps to inculcate 21st century learning skills that enables our students to stride ahead with confidence .It also encourages problem-solving and out of the box thinking in the students .The teachers use Trans disciplinary and experiential learning to enhance the learning journey of the students .Regular  fests ,Thematic exhibitions ,Do-it –Yourself Activities etc make Learning Fun .

Promotion of Ideation, Innovation And entrepreneurship 

In keeping with the NEP 2020 the school creates awareness and training to foster Ideation ,innovation and Entrepreneurship in the students .The students are introduced at an early age to the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship and it is integrated with curriculum topics as the students move to higher classes .Our  Innovation lab ,tinkering Labs ,digital Library etc gives the students the opportunity for upskilling and getting training and exposure .teachers ask open –ended questions that encourage various answers and points of views that makes for exciting and challenging class dynamics .

Gifted students 

Students with exceptional abilities are identified and intensive and extensive learning opportunities beyond the curriculum  are created for them to develop to their highest potential.


Collaboration for exposure to the students 

The school collaborates with a various Institutes of higher learning and Ed-tech platforms,professional Bodies ,Social Entreprises ,Scientific Organisations like IUCAA ,DRDO etc to provide diverse exposure to its students and teachers

Collaboration for Mentorship 

THE school regularly hosts renowned resource persons from various fields of Art And Culture ,Industry Experts ,Social entrepreneurs  etc to interact closely with the students by taking classes, lectures etc  .The personal insights shared by them fuel the students curiosity .

Interaction with community  and ecosystem enablers

SNS student and teachers are not restricted to the school boundaries and a constant interaction takes place with the community and ecosystem enablers .The students participate in rallies and awareness drives.


Discipline is an integral part of schooling at Suryadatta National School .it has helped the students to become happy ,outgoing ,reflective individuals who recognize that feelings have to be expressed in acceptable ways ..This is manifested in the mutual respect between teachers and students .The teachers are firm and supportive.

Enroll your child at Suryadatta National School today

Suryadatta National School was established to develop and create professional education facilities to train the young generation by making them skilled, dedicated, ambitious professionals who can serve society and the nation.

If you want to make your child an all-rounder and wish to see them as future-ready professionals, then Suryadatta National School is the only institute you should rely upon. Get your child enrolled today. Visit to know more.