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Our rigorous, comprehensive, hands-on, real-life preparatory curriculum supports individual interests and personal learning styles, preparing students for life beyond the school.

The strength of our academic program exists not only in the quality of our curriculum and the ability of its teachers but also in the attitude, the ethos that fills each class period, each singular exchange between faculty and students.

Classes are places where teachers and students respect each other, where there is a free exchange of ideas and opinions. Students are encouraged to be curious, involved, and active learners. The ability to read effectively, write clearly, and think independently is greatly focused upon.

The arts at SNS give students the best of both worlds. On the one hand, they have a chance to engage in collaborative, interactive endeavours in a community of friends; and on the other, they have the opportunity to dig deeper, advance their artistic development, and express themselves as unique individuals.

Through classes, co-curricular programming, special events, and student interest groups, the students find a variety of ways to get involved with artistic enterprises in Dance, music, and the visual arts.

Parent –Teacher Conferences

Staff and parents are encouraged to keep open channels of communication. Towards this, parent-teacher meetings are scheduled on Saturdays with a prior appointment. It is not only an opportunity for the parents and teachers to get to know one another better and to exchange information about their ward, but it also enables parents to learn about the specific targets that have been identified for their children.

Parental Workshops

Parenting is hard work. When school and parents are connected as a supportive community, children perform better .Working towards this the school periodically hosts workshops for parents. This is a useful time for parents to gain information about what their children are learning in schools.

Report Card

Parents of all students also receive a Report Card showing achievements and effort every half term. A full written Report of Progress is issued at the end of each academic year.

Avishkar Lab

Suryadatta National School in its endeavour to provide the students the best of academic knowledge in line with the future requirements, has signed an MoU with Padma Bhushan Dr Vijay Bhatkar’ Aavishkar Lab.

They will be setting up a Lab in the School and will be teaching the following subjects along with practical to make the students future ready:

  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Drones
  • IOT
  • Astronomy
Aavishkar lab


In it constant endeavour to enhance the knowledge of the students, Suryadatta National School has invested this year in “BYJU’S –

The Learning TV”, which gives you access to BYJU’S content to be used in the school as a learning aid
at home!

BYJU’S Learning Program can make a student fall in love with learning and
help them become lifelong learners going way beyond just preparing for exams. Their engaging
learning programs offer videos, tests, recommendations and quizzesthat guide students to learn and
understand concepts better.

The link for free live classes has been shared with the students to get benefitted during this lockdown


Suryadatta School along with Anibrain introduce the young and creative school going kids with Animation and Designing. It is a journey for students to explore and enhance their creativity wherein they are prompted to make their own creatives which helps them to transcend in the world of Media and Entertainment industry. Students would be benefited as the main idea behind designing this program is to enhance creativity, problem solving skills, learning ability, imagination power etc.

The curriculum of the program is designed to take the child on a journey of learning & discovery in a manner that is suited to the innate curiosity within them to understand their world visually and intuitively. The Creative Labs journey will infuse Students with a sense of confidence to flourish in an age that is perpetually shifting to a Real-Time, Visually rich & interactive paradigm.

Students will be empowered with 21st century skills that will be applied towards projects that support upliftment of society, promote Civic engagement and improvement of the human condition.