Infrastructure - Suryadatta National School



Fitness is an integral part of the Suryadatta philosophy. A well-equipped gymnasium with trained instructors provides the students with the opportunity to maintain good fitness levels. There are separate areas for boys and girls. Besides, we also encourage the teachers and the parents to make the most of this facility.

Play Zone

In our constant endeavour to create a happy schooling environment, we have created an exclusive play zone for children. The Play Zone has a wide range of slides, swings, etc. to encourage our students to indulge in physical activities that help improve the eye-hand-mind coordination and make them more agile and strong in their formative years.

Class Library

Besides the common library, each class is equipped with books that students can use to research and read to enhance their knowledge during their free time without wasting class hours. The class library is under the charge of the Class Teacher.


Science Lab

It is not the answers that enlighten but it is the question. The Science Laboratories will be well equipped with resources for elementary, middle, and higher secondary students and teachers to experiment and research. The school has separate physics, chemistry and biology laboratories for the senior classes.

Humanities Lab

The Humanities Laboratory is a facility for training students in research. The lab creates a dynamic environment enabling students to learn through investigation. It has a wide range of maps, books, artifacts, and geological specimens including rocks and metallic ores, etc. Types of equipment like Rain Guage, Barometer, and Wind Wane that facilitate study are also kept there.

Maths Lab

At Suryadatta we visualize Maths as a vehicle to train children to think, reason, analyse and articulate logically through manipulative, measuring instruments Tables & Charts which help students understand and verify Mathematical and Geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations. The well-equipped Maths lab helps the students for exploration and experimentation.

Language Lab

The school offers various Foreign languages for which language labs are set up to enhance the listening and speaking skills of the students through the latest digital equipment and exhaustive resource of books, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, and other study material.

Computer Labs

We encourage learners to seek knowledge & take inputs from digital platforms and use them not merely for reproduction or display in the classrooms but to synthesize them with their classroom learning inputs. The school has well-designed computer labs and each student uses an independent machine.


The Library has a voluminous stock of books for all age groups. The study room facilitates a quiet atmosphere for peaceful reading and study. The qualified Libran will help the students to prepare assignments, projects, and enhance reading, writing. The students have the facility to borrow books, CD’s, Video Clip for weekend home assignments.

The Library is available to the students six days a week for research and study; the computers integrated with library resources are available. The following facilities are provided in the Library:

  • A journal section for reference.
  • Different types of Encyclopedias on all subjects.
  • Different types of entertainment books and newspapers to update on news and happenings and also to create an awareness of current events.

Audio Visual Room

The school has a large audio-visual room in which the students can watch videos & study as well as give presentations.

The Multipurpose Hall

A multi-functional hall is central to daily life at SNS —is a locus for sports and recreation.

Indoor Sports Complex

Complete education means physical development matching the mental-emotional development of the child. Taking this as a guideline, sports activities are given equal importance as academics at Suryadatta National School. SNS has a huge Indoor Sports Complex with badminton courts.

The Indoor games complex includes Table Tennis, Chess, Boxing, Fussball facilities and etc. Specialized professional coaches are appointed for all Sports. Every student will be groomed for one sport and one fine art skill.

School Choir

The school has a choir with professional trainers. The School choir participates actively on special occasions.

Skill Enhancement Center

The school offers extra support for students facing problems in academics. Special tutors are assigned to identify the deficient areas in a child and help them overcome the same.


The school has in-house counsellors who provide the students and their parents with necessary counselling and guidance. Every student at school undergoes counselling sessions to ascertain academic, emotional, and other needs. The school encourages the parents to consult the counsellor and request for a joint session along with their child.


The school advocates that the students bring food from home which can be reheated in school. We believe that the tiffin is not just food but also a part of the home that the child has brought with him to school for comfort. However for the benefit of the children the school has a Cafeteria that serves a wide range of vegetarian food.

The School stresses on hygiene and ensures that the Cafeteria is clean at all times. The food and snacks served to the students are balanced and nutritious, promoting health awareness. The children are also guided for their table manners by the teachers. Regular food committee meetings are conducted to get feedback for further improvisation.


The school is provided with a fully integrated electronic CCTV system to enable education in calm and safe conditions. Also, security guards patrol the campus through the day and night.

Sick Bay

The school ensures sound medical assistance and immediate care, especially for emergencies, through a trained and experienced medical team of professionals. Our medical inventory is well-stocked with First–Aid materials available at all times. Besides, a half-yearly dental check-up is conducted for all students, and reports are sent to the parents for follow-up.

Health Care Centre (Medical Care)

SNS health care center is staffed by a qualified Doctor. A Health Book of all students is maintained along with their Immunization record. Our health care center provides first level care and treatment of common illness and injuries, medications, and referral services.