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Co-Curriculur Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Suryadatta National School focuses on the holistic development of the students. An integral part of the curriculum comprises of a wide spectrum of activities. These activities enhance the student’s ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally. Every child gets an opportunity to discover different facets of their personality. These activities prepare the students’ for an ever-changing and challenging world. The curriculum includes exposure to

  • French
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Taekwondo
  • Visual Arts
  • Music – Vocal and Instrumental
  • Dance – Classical and Western
  • Information and Computer Technology
  • National and International Day Celebrations
suryadatta national school

Clubs and Activities

SNS encourages students to pursue their interests and passions outside of the classroom. The clubs and activities period is designed to allow students to meet with experts who share those same interests and passions. Activities are student-led, enabling students to assume a leadership role in the community.

Class Library

Besides the common library facilities, each class is equipped with books which students can use for enhancing their knowledge during their free time without wasting class hours. The class library is under the charge of the Class Teacher.

suryadatta national school
suryadatta national school

Extra Support

Extra Support periods are dedicated times during the weekday schedule when teachers are available in their designated classrooms. The students can get help on homework, follow up on classroom material, or get assistance in preparing for a test, quiz, or written assignment. There are three extra help periods during the week including 35-minute periods on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral anchor point of the rigorous academic program at SNS.

In addition to regular PE periods, the school offers afterschool opportunities so that students at all ability levels can have an athletic outlet.

Our campus provides the ideal setting for active students interested in athletics and recreation. With a huge indoor stadium on campus and an open playground, students train for almost all games. Afterschool activities include Taekwondo, Roller skating, Soccer, Badminton, Sports conditioning, Yoga, and volleyball.

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The athletic program at Suryadatta focuses on personal skill development in a supportive environment, whether on a competitive sports team or as a recreational opportunity. School athletics are dedicated to encouraging enjoyable sporting experiences and exemplary sportsmanship standards for team players and individual athletes alike. Though the children play to win, we also believe in the positive effects of competition and appreciate the cultivation of resilience in our student-athletes. Sports competitions also inculcate important leadership opportunities in the field and within our school community.

After School Activities

For those interested in the evening Afterschool sports, Suryadatta offers extensive athletic facilities and sports like Soccer, Badminton, Basketball, Roller-skating, Taekwondo, etc. Detailed information regarding registration, fees, etc. is available with the Evening Afterschool Activities Coordinator.

The School focuses not only on the advanced academic offerings but also on the extracurricular activities. Students are trained at a very young age towards incorporating a sense of responsibility, loyalty, team spirit, and healthy competition to develop a positive attitude in them. They are encouraged to participate in co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities. Inter-house and inter-school competitions are held regularly for moulding their personalities. Music, art, dance, yoga, Abacus, Vedic, and almost all the indoor and outdoor sports, etc. begins in the first academic year. The school assures to bring about national scholars who would excel in competitive examinations and other facets of life.

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