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World Records

Suryadatta Group of Institutes pioneered their name endorsed by Limca Book of Records for the One of its Unique Event- “24hrs Silent Wreadathon”

Centuries ago wise monks and Rushis meditated and lived in silence as they communicated with their inner selves and grew from strength to strength. With today’s pressures and challenges in mind, the Suryadatta Education Foundation is giving their students an opportunity to destress by staying away from all forms of communication – electronic and verbal, to introspect, create and grow. In the process, the Suryadatta Education Foundation is taking its role as a shaper of tomorrow’s citizens responsibly.

The 24 Hours Silent Wreadathon, 2011, endorsed by the prestigious Limca Book of Records,

The first 24 Hours Silent Wreadathon : Essentially a competition for reading, writing, learning and observing silence for 24 continuous hours, it aimed at generation of new ideas, innovation, research and worked towards student enlightenment.

Silent Wreadathon Held as a holiday for laptops, mobile phones and a way to promote books, letter writing and meditation, it is an effort to promote reading skills, creativity and research capabilities besides boosting spiritual, mental and physical capacities. Participants needed to be physically fit, 19 years old or more and willing to maintain silence throughout the Wreadathon. They were allowed to bring their own books to read and study, encouraged to write, make poems, draw or write research papers. A total of 200 including students & faculty members, researchers, businessmen, housewives, fellow scholars participated in the event.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes name have been recorded in Golden book of World records – “Lining the Map of india with 1100 Tulsi Saplings”

Suryadatta Education Foundation is committed to achieve quality education in a holistic manner. Towards this end we encourage our students to participate in events which leave a lasting positive effect on their personality and outlook towards life, society and the nation. Some of these events have helped us in creating National Records and this has added immensely to the self confidence of the students and boosted their morale. In order to provide such unique experiences to the students, Suryadatta Education Foundation has decided to hold another event to try and create yet another record.

1100 students along with teachers and all associates participated in a unique event at the Central Hub of Suryadatta Institute of Management, Bavdhan, Pune with 1100 saplings of ‘Tulsi’ marking the outline of the map of India on Tuesday 9th July 2019.

Our borders are guarded by our brave soldiers day and night. We, as a nation will remain eternally grateful to them and offer them unflinching support. And there are innumerable ways to do that. Suryadatta Group of institutes has come up with a very innovative concept to express our solidarity and our patriotism – by invoking the blessings of Tulsi Mata for securing our borders.

Holy Basil or tulsi is a powerful herb and is believed to have endless miraculous and medicinal values and has been worshipped and highly valued in India for thousands of years. It has been an age old custom in India to worship it two times a day, water it and light lamps near it in the morning and evening. It was, and still is, believed to protect the whole family from evil and bring good luck.

It is our firm belief that if we plant small saplings of tulsi along our border pillars the same effect would be had on our soldiers, who are our extended family. Its medicinal properties like reducing stress, preventing heart disease, chemopreventive properties will bless our soldiers with good health & longevity. Our faith in its miraculous powers will invoke blessings on the safety and security of our borders.

As a symbolic gesture towards this end, the students of Suryadatta, ranging from pre primary to post graduation lined the borders of a map of India, created by our digital media students with 1100 saplings of tulsi. To symbolize the rising reputation of India on the world stage and to showcase our philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, they incorporated a Globe inside the map of India.


Unique & Benchmarking world record set up by Suryadatta Food Bank & Suryadatta College of Hotel Management & Travel Tourism (SCHMTT) through ‘Suryadatta – Vishnu MahaMisal’ of making 7000 kgs MahaMisal in 3 hours by 30 people and distributed it to 30,000 needy, deserving people with the help of 300 NGO’s from Pune and suborn. This world record MahaMisal preparing event has done on Sunday at Suryadatta Institute’s Bavdhan campus.
This event breaks all previous records of making in such a large quantity of Misal, that too during Covid–19 Pandemic by following all necessary rules strictly on the receipt of official & legal permissions from all concern Govt. Authorities. This was Suryadatta Edu Socio Connect Initiative of preparing 7000 Kgs of MahaMisal by 30 Students, Faculties from Suryadatta College Hotel Management under the guidance of World Famous Chef Vishnu Manohar in 7 hours & the same served to 30000 people belonging to 300 NGOs in just 3 hours.
Misal is a Maharashtrian wholesome meal in itself containing legumes & pulses, the same is generally consumed along with Bread. In this 7000 kgs missal, 1500 kgs sprouted mataki, 500 kgs onion, 400 kgs oil, 250 Kgs Ginger and Garlic paste, 180 Kgs Kanda Lassoon Masala, 50 Kgs Chilli Powder, 50 Kgs Turmeric Powder, 25 Kgs Salt, 115 Kgs Coconut powder, 15 Kg Tejpan, 1200 Kgs Farsan, 4500 Litter of water, 50 Kgs Coriander leaves used.
‘Suryadatta–Vishnu MahaMisal’ created awareness about Misal as a wholesome meal & served as food for over 30000 NGO members. Students and Faculty of all the institutes got hand on experience through this event. Such a challenging time it gives lot of exposure to them. They learn how to manage large scale events in short time as well as short manpower, stated by Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder President & Chairman, Suryadatta Group of Institutes. He further added, “It helped to give the knowledge & memorable experience for Students, Faculties & all the participants witnessed this event virtually.” He appreciated the efforts taken in organising this event by all students & faculties of Suryadatta Group of Institutes.
The biggest paratha, 5,000 kg of khichadi, 4,000 kg of Baingan Bharata, the largest kebab have been set by many world records. Thousands of people throng each world record, but this time only 25-30 people set the world record due to corona pandemic. It feels like a different experience to follow the rules of corona in the absence of people, & said master chef Vishnu Manohar.
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Suryadatta Kala Arogyam Yogathon-2021 enters world record

Suryadatta Group of Institutes’s Suryadatta Fitness and Sports Academy (SFSA) organized Suryadatta Kala Arogyam Yogathon-2021 on the occasion of International Yoga Day (IYD). This helped to exhibit the amalgamation of Indian culture, art and fitness activity.

Participants of Suryadatta Kala Arogyam Yogathon-2021 created world records by performing artistic Yoga Asanas with Indian ethos and values for the longest duration on the rhythm of patriotic songs and including maximum number of people. Various books of records have taken the cognizance of the attempt of Suryadatta Kala Arogyam Yogathon-2021.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes name have been recorded in Golden book of World records – “Kavyathon 2019”

KAVYATHON- A unique Patriotic initiative of 25 hours of Relay Singing of Patriotic Songs & Poems by Students and Staff of Suryadatta Group of Institutions on 14th-15th August 2019 for Creating a Long lasting impact of Love, Affection and Belonging towards our Country, Freedom Fighters and Soldiers in the Minds and Hearts of our Students.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes pioneered their name endorsed by Limca Book of Records for the One of its Unique Event -“Unfold Hidden Potential through Blindfold”

Suryadatta Group of Institutes has conducted first ever event Unfold the Blindfold for Hidden Potential to Blossom. Suryadatta Students created a World Record.. Through Path breaking initiative – Unfold Hidden Potential Through Blindfold

Pune, 30th October, 2012: Suryadatta Group of Institutes path breaking personality transformation initiative, “Unfolding Hidden Potential Through Blindfold” saw participation from 300 students. These students were divided into a team of 3 of which 2 were blindfolded and one without the blindfold acted as the guide for the day. After personally experiencing the challenges faced by a blind person, 30 students voluntarily came forward and pledged to donate their eyes.